55th Annual


March 16-18, 2022

NW Developmental Biology Meeting

The 55th NW Developmental Biology Meeting will be held virtually on March 17-18, 2022.

Postdoctoral, graduate student, and undergraduate trainees will present most or all an exclusively short talks program. 


Speakers will form session groups coached by a NW region principal investigator to provide an added training and networking experience. 

Registration extended to March 14!

Invited Speakers:

Keynote:      Geraldine Seydoux, Johns Hopkins/HHMI
Education:   Elly Vandegrift, University of Oregon

Plenary:        Celina Juliano, UC Davis

                     Jeff Rasmussen, University of Washington

                     Blake Riggs, San Francisco State University

                     Verónica Di Stilio, University of Washington

                     Kelly Monk, OHSU

                     Dan Grimes, University of Oregon

Organizers: Kryn Stankunas, University of Oregon
                    Andrea Wills, University of Washington

Preliminary Program

Thursday March 17

9:15a     Welcome - Kryn Stankunas, Billie Swalla
9:20a     Group A 10-minute Short Talks; Session chair: Guy Tanentzapf 
              Avery Angell Swearer, University of Washington
              “Probing key regulators of neural regeneration after X. tropicalis spinal cord injury”
              Zaleena Akheralie, University of Toronto
              “Investigating the role of alx-3 during anterior regeneration of the freshwater                                   planarian Schmidtea mediterranea”
              Austin Seroka, University of Oregon 
              “Transcriptional identification and profiling of an individual neuroblast lineage from a                      developmental single-cell atlas of the Drosophila embryo”
10:00a   break
10:10a   Group B 10-minute Short Talks; Session chair: Heather Ray
              Wenjun Deng, University of British Columbia
              “Direct Talin-Actin Binding is Required for Mammalian Development”
              Maria Constanza Mannino, University of Wyoming
              “A potential role of the immune system in the regulation of brain growth”
              Lauren Miller, Oregon Health & Science University
              “Mechanisms of retrograde neurotrophin signaling in sensory circuit formation”
              Andrea Rauschmayer, University of Washington
              “The Polarity Protein Crumbs is Required for Proper Tube Elongation in Drosophila                           melanogaster”
11:00a   break
11:10a   Group C 10-minute Short Talks; Session chair: Celeste Berg
              Sarah Bradshaw, University of Alberta
              “Hagfish to reveal the mechanisms driving cyclostome retinogenesis”
              Zachary Mayne, Montana State University
              “Heightened Glycerol Permeability in Dorsal Mesoderm Cells is Required for                                   Convergent Extension”
              E. Anne Martin, University of Oregon
              “Neurobeachin regulates the asymmetric subcellular distribution of electrical synapse                      proteins”
11:50a  Lunch break
1:00p    Brock Grill, Seattle Children's Research Institute
             “Regulation of Autophagy Initiation during Axon Development”
1:20p     Group D 10-minute Short Talks; Session chair: Bret Pearson
              Evan Craig, University of Washington
              “Maturation and axonal targeting of dendritic Merkel cells in the zebrafish skin”
              Maria Purice, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
              “The molecular atlas of C. elegans glia across sex and age”
              Vincent So, University of Washington
              “How do imaginal disc growth factors affect fruit fly fertility?”
              Victor Lewis, University of Oregon
              “Insulin-like growth factor / mTor signaling elevates global translation to amplify                               glucorticoid-promoted bone maturation during zebrafish fin regenerative outgrowth”
2:10p    end

Friday March 18

9:15a     Group E 10-minute Short Talks; Session chair: Cecilia Moens
              Hannah Markovic, University of Oregon
              “Zebrafish natriuretic peptide receptors are essential for axial skeletal development but                 not for adult fin regeneration”
              Jacob Miller, Kwantlen Polytechnic University
              “Characterizing Cardiovascular and Neuromuscular Changes in Embryonic Danio rerio                   From Triclosan Exposure During Early Development”
              Priyanka Kumari, University of Washington
              “Evidence from a massively parallel reporter assay that non-coding variants at 1q32/IRF6                 and seven other loci directly influence risk for orofacial cleft”
              Nicole Lindsay-Mosher, University of Toronto
              “Cell clearance by intestinal phagocytes in the freshwater planarian”
10:05a   break
10:15a   Group F 10-minute Short Talks; Session chair: Alex Nechiporuk
              Gavin Neil, University of Alberta
              “Conserved mechanisms of cell fate determination in vertebrate photoreceptors”
              Chris Lee, University of Toronto
               "Investigating the Origins and Function of Planarian Glia”
              Hannah McConnell, University of Washington
              “The role of a Flower Meristem Identity Gene Ortholog in the Fern Ceratopteris                               richardii”
              Colin Kenny, University of Washington
                “TFAP2 paralogs activate pigmentation genes by facilitating chromatin access for MITF                   but inhibit cell adhesion genes independent of MITF”
11:05a   break
11:15a   Group G 10-minute Short Talks; Session chair: Clemens Cabernard
              Benjamin Woodruff, Oregon Health & Science University
              “Towards understanding the mechanisms underlying pioneer neuron growth and                             specification using the zebrafish lateral line”
              Muriel Desbois, Seattle Children’s Research Institute
              “Ubiquitin ligase activity inhibits Cdk5 to control axon termination”
              Adam Isabella, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
              “Mechanisms of target-specific axon guidance in the regenerating zebrafish vagus                             nerve”
11:55a  Lunch break
1:00p    Heather Ray, Idaho State University
             “Masp1: A new player in ectoderm patterning?”
1:20p     Awards
1:30p    end



Registration Deadline: March 14, 8:59pm PT
Abstract Deadline: March 3, 8:59pm PT

You must also register separately if you submit an abstract

Registration SDB Member

Faculty                    $10

Postdoc/Scientist   $0

Grad Student          $0

Undergrad              $0

Registration Non-member

Faculty                    $20

Postdoc/Scientist   $5

Grad Student          $5

Undergrad               $5

Housing SDB Member

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Postdoc/Scientist   $135

Grad Student          $80

Undergrad               $70

Housing Non-member

Faculty                   $330

Postdoc/Scientist  $160

Grad Student         $110

Undergrad              $75

The Society for Developmental Biology subsidizes the meeting and registration fees are scaled to benefit members of the SDB. SDB membership renewals are processed automatically. New membership applications require at least two weeks to process, however, applicants may use their provisional SDB member ID found in their confirmation email to submit an abstract and register. You must be a member of SDB to be considered for Talk and Poster Prizes.

Research scientists and techs should register as postdoc/scientist.

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Parking is available at the Anacortes ferry terminal, and many attendees leave their vehicles and walk on the ferry. If you choose this option, plan to arrive about 30 minutes early. The distance from town to the FHL is ~ 1.5 miles and walkable (20 min).

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Presentation Information

Talks are 10 minutes with 2 minutes for questions.  
To be considered for talk or poster prizes you must be a member of SDB!